- Hospitality

Pinoy Hospitality

It is one of the common traits of being a Filipino. It is a trait that every Filipino is proud of, wherever he goes. It is making guests feel welcome. Even in the humblest house, one can expect to be treated like they’re just at home. I remember my husband observed the same thing when he visited me in the Philippines a couple of years ago. He appreciated so much how he was welcomed by my family. When he had dinner with us at home, my folks were busy cooking and preparing for our guest. My Aunt even set up the table beautifully with an equally beautiful tablecloth reserved for guests. He told his folks here that he was treated like a royalty and even told me that we didn’t have to do that since it’s just him, he’s no actor! Well, I told him that it’s what Filipinos are, hospitable. Same goes with my friend when her husband visited her. In households, stuffs such as good or brand new sheets, blankets, towels or even a good set of houseware like china, are stored and kept in cabinets for guests to use.

Hospitality in the Philippines goes to the extent of offering their own bedrooms to guests even if it means that they have to sleep in another bedroom or in the living room, for that matter, which is common to Filipinos. Being friendly and making guests feel at home is an honor to a Filipino. Showing up unexpected in a house, you’ll find yourself served with snacks, the least because if you’re showing up during meals, expect to be invited to join and the family would even cook more or even buy more foods outside, in small stores which are known as “sari-sari” store, meaning a variety. Hospitality is one trait that has been passed down from one generation to another and for more to come.